A complaint from 20 organisations to the European Commission about the SCENIHR 2015 opinion on health effects from electromagnetic fields was sent on September 2, 2015.

The SCENIHR 2015 report is inacceptable biased. The experts behind the SCENIHR report are not representative of the scientific expertise in the field. They only represent the industry friendly single side of the expertise, in well known contrast to the opinion of a large and increasing number of scientists in the EMF scientific arena.

As an example, in May 2015 195 international EMF scientists sent an appeal to the United Nations, the WHO and its member states calling for better protection for the public from known health risks, more stringent standards and broader information to the public. Many of these 195 scientists are well respected, with decades of experience from the EMF health effects research.

The SCENIHR 2015 opinion on health effects of EMF is misleading. There is evidence that clearly, convincingly and increasingly establishes that there are many potential negative health effects and health hazards: brain tumours, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, damage on fetuses and stress related diseases, as communicated to the Commission by the Bioinitiative group. The SCENIHR report ignores the scientific evidence of health risks from levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields that practically everybody is increasingly exposed to, including small children, in most countries in Europe today. It is a disservice to the people of Europe and an indirect threat to their health.

The 20 organisations call for an annullement of the misleading and biased SCENIHR 2015 report on EMFs and that a new balanced and independent assessment by scient