Health at Risk

All over the world, people of all ages are becoming ill when exposed to the pollution created by everyday electromagnetic technologies. These include cell phones and cell towers, wireless internet (Wi-Fi), portable home telephones, WiMax, utility “Smart” meters, microwave ovens, lighting, CFL light bulbs and other home and business devices and appliances.

Promoting healthy environments with a focus on the impact of actions on electromagnetic fields

This study aims to support Action 13 relating to electromagnetic fields of the EU Environment & Health Action Plan by evaluating the impact and the effectiveness of EU actions undertaken since 2004, as well as by assisting in the identification of future actions.

Eurobarometer Electromagnetic Fields

Exposure to man-made sources of EMFs has increased dramatically due to the demand for electricity, wireless technologies, and changes in work practices and social behavior. As a result, all EU citizens are now exposed to EMFs through sources such as high-voltage power lines, household electrical appliances, computers, radar, radio and television broadcast facilities.

Electromagnetic fields (0 Hz – 300 GHz) in the EU Member States

Report on the implementation of the Council Recommendation on the limitat