IEMFA Board Publications

Two Opposite Science Interpretations on Long-Term Risks

20 January 2013 the International EMF Alliance gave a presentation for the “Workshop on Risk Communication — Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health”. The European Commission invited the International EMF Alliance for the Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF.

IEMFA Presentation: The Two-Perspective Risk-Assessment System in Europe — World Health Change Possibly Linked to Electromagnetic Fields

The presentation gives a clarifying overview of the current system of risk-protection for EMFs in Europe and wider regions in the world. The historically-established system is based on an obsolete ‘Exact-Physics’ paradigm of technology institutions, plus a corresponding science interpretation. Such a paradigm is fundamentally inadequate for the complex dynamic domain of ‘Living organisms’. The established system thus produces misguiding EMF-risk information for worldwide health-protection policies, -regulations, – research and -communications. According to the ‘Complex Biology’ science interpretation of a growing life-science community, heterogeneous EMFs form a highly plausible work- and lifestyle factor of chronic multisystem diseases that increasingly occur worldwide. This threat of structural and serious damage requires an immediate precautionary approach. Implementing the existing guidelines of the Seletun scientists Resolution is highly necessary to avoid furthe