Folkets Strålevern, the Citizens’ Radiation Protection, Norway, forwards to you a blog post by Einar Flydal. Einar Flydal is a former researcher, strategist and senior adviser at the Telenor ASA Corporate staff, and an adjunct professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is retired since 2011, runs a blog (in Norwegian only) on electromagnetic radiation and health (, and gives lectures on the topic. He is a political scientist (cand.polit.) and a Master of Telecom Strategy and tech. Management (MTS) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

GSMA is a very important organization within the global ICT business. Together with its member mobile operators, it has the power to change the life of millions, as it has done for years – both to the better – and to the worse in the case of health impact and increased risks. GSMA also has the power to create a change in today’s controversy on the radiation standards. It financed its share of the INTERPHONE project. It can also spur a change towards more sustainable communications if it addresses the full gamut of its Social Responsibility.

Telenor, one of the world’s largest mobile phone network operators, has for the last 14 years been headed by Jon Fredrik Baksaas, who just retired. However, he will continue as GSMA’s top leader, a position he has held for some years. He has a reputation as a very respectable person, a person willing to be convinced by good arguments and reason, and a fighter, willing to act. However, he might be very poorly informed regarding the EMF issue.

The story on how microwave radiation became acc