The 2 EMF lectures from CME accredited medical conferences are now on BitChute for anyone to see. The second lecture from EMFMC2021 has a bit of PR for the conference. The content will be up for another year for any health professionals interested in signing up.

The introductory talk from EMFMC2019 – EMF Conference 2019 Lecture – Neurologic and Cardiometabolic Effects of EMF

– Long introduction to the topic including AC versus DC electricity (why AC is more biologically active), and an overview of the 4 main fields of interest.
– Metabolic restriction and magnetic fields, the obesity connection (25 min mark)
– Diabetes and wireless radiation (section begins at the 17 min mark)
– Effect of microwave exposure differs even in the same patient/same exposure at different times (33 min mark)
– CNS effects discussion begins at 33 min mark

EMFMC2021 Lecture – Bacterial Effects of EMF
This talk covers the issue of RFR exposure and antibiotic resistance, as well as microbiome effects from RF. Also, a bit on soil effects. This is the conference that is still available here if people want CME/CE credits and it will likely be extended for an additional year.