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Supporting Organizations

The International EMF Alliance counts 116 supporting organizations.
If you would like to get your own organization on this list, or you know of one that should be here, please let us know.

Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection Ireland
American Academy of Environmental Medicine USA
Associació Oikos Ambiental Spain
Association BIOGEN Serbia
Association for Electro Hypersensitive Norway
Association for Electrosensitive in Finland Finland
Association for Environmental and Chronic Exposure Injury Italy
Association for Protection and Fight against Electrosmog Italy
Association for the Protection of Health and the Environment Chile
Associazione Elettrosmog Sicilia Italy
Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili Italy
Australian College of Environmental Studies Australia
Beperk de Straling Belgium
Bio Electromagnetic Research Initiative UK
Bürgerwelle Germany
California Brain Tumor Association USA
Canadians 4 Safe Technology Canada
CAVI Society UK
Cell Tower Dangers USA
Cellular Phone Task Force USA
Center for Electrosmog Prevention USA
Center for Safer Wireless USA
CHE’s Working Group on EMF USA
Citizens For A Radiation Free Community USA
Citizens for Health Education Foundation USA
Citizens for Safe Technology Canada
Citizens Radiation Protection Norway
Coalition Québécoise de Lutte contre la Pollution EM Canada
Coalition to Stop Smart Meters Canada
Defense Association of Health and Environment Chile IMSACE
Digital Disconnect USA
Doctors for Safer Schools USA
Ecologistas en Acción Spain
EHS Association of Electrosensitives Denmark
Electric Forester Investigations UK
Electrical Pollution Solutions USA
ElectricSense France
Electrohypersensitivity Foundation Netherlands
Electromagnetic Fields Protection Alliance Malaysia PenangWireless
Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation South Africa USA
Electrosensibles por el Derecho a la Salud Spain
ElectroSensitive Association Sweden
Electrosensitive Society UK
Electrosensitivity in Ireland Ireland
Electrosensitivity UK UK
Elektrosmog News Germany
Elettrosmog Volturino-onlus Italy ElettrosmogVolturino
EM-Radiation Research Trust UK
EMF Refugees USA EMF Refugees
EMFacts Consultancy Australia
EMFSA South Africa
EMR Australia Australia
EMR Policy Institute USA
Environmental Health Trust USA
Escuela sin Wi-Fi Spain
Friends of Merrymeeting Bay USA
Fundacja Instytut Badań Elektromagnetycznych im Poland
Green Warriors of Norway Norway
Greenmeadows Homeowners Philippines Facebook Group
Global Union Against Radiation Deployment From Space (GUARDS) Canada
Health Defense Organization Spain
Human Radiation Effects Group UK
International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety Italy
International Institute for Building-biology® & Ecology USA
International Society for Electromagnetic Research Germany
Kitakamakurakeitaing Japan Kitakamakurakeitaing
Kompetenzinitiative Germany
L’association PRIARTéM France
La Fundación Vivo Sano Spain
Le Collectif des electrosensibles de France France
Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters USA
Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunication USA
Mast Sanity UK
Mast-Victims UK
MobileWise UK
National Association for Children and Safe Technology USA
National Platform on Radiation Risks Netherlands
NEXT-Up Organisation France
No Radiation for You Israel
Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Przeciwdziałania Elektroskażeniom Poland
Pandora Foundation Germany
Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment UK
Polska Unia Właścicieli Nieruchomości Poland
Powerwatch UK
Prévention ondes électromagnétiques Drôme France
Radiation Education Canada
Rassemblement ÉlectroSensibillité Québec Canada
Rete Elettrosmog-Free Italia Italy
Robin des Toits France
Rådet for Helbredssikker Telekommunikation Denmark
Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance UK
Safer Wireless Manitoba Canada
Sina Health Development High Tech Co. Iran
Stop Smart Grid USA
Stop Smart Meters! UK
StopUMTS Netherlands
Stowarzyszenie “Nasze Bielany” Poland
StralingsArmVlaanderen Belgium
Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation Sweden
Teslabel Belgium
The People’s Initiative Foundation USA
Une terre pour les EHS France
Verein für Elektrosensible und Mobilfunkgeschädigte e.V. Germany
Verein für Gesundheitsverträglichen Mobilfunk Liechtenstein
Vore Børns Fremtid Denmark
Vågbrytaren Sweden
Wi-Fi in schools UK
WiredChild UK
Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution Canada