The International EMF Alliance is calling for an outright ban for 5G technology. This technology is being built out in every corner of our lives, worldwide, without a single safety study having been conducted. We are deeply concerned because 5G technology has the ability to heat tissue, which in turn has the ability to break DNA. Studies on previous generations of wireless have led the World Health Organizations cancer committee, IARC, to classify everything on the RF-EMF spectrum a 2B or “possible human” carcinogen, putting it in the same category as DDT.

Now with the 5G buildout, the amount of radiation worldwide – already a great concern with respect to cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, birth defects and Alzheimer’s – will increase exponentially. We encourage concerned citizens to send copies of the Letter of Notice to public officials and industry amidst profound worldwide health concerns. The International EMF Alliance – Letter of Notice on 5G is available to download as a PDF file and Word file.