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Dear all:

Within the European Coordination of organizations for a regulation of EMF exposure which truly protects public health, we developed a open letter to the Pope Francis on the occasion of the XXXI World Youth Day Krakow 2016. This letter invites the Catholic Church and their institutions to take action initiated by some of their congregations to protect the life of EMF exposure, in line with the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’, proposing to adhere to European Manifesto in support of a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) for a regulation of EMF exposure (which truly protects public health) by adopting the recommendations of the Resolution 1815 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe into the institutions within their sphere of influence.

See the open letter to Pope Francis in Spanish and in English.

This letter has been delivered to the Pope during the XXVI World Youth Day in Krakow (thanks to the mediation of Barbara Galdzinska of the Fundacja Instytut Badań Elektromagnetycznych Im. Jamesa Clerka Maxwella).  It was also sent through the papal nuncios in different countries.

We invited our organization to send a message to the papal nuncio in your respective countries in support of this open letter to the Pope. As an example, see messages sent in Spain (the Spanish and English versions) and France.

Please submit the messages sent to

We thank you for your collaboration!

Julio Carmona,  as one of the delegates of the European Coordination of organizations for a regulation of EMF exposure, which truly protects public health, a process of construction involving organizations against EMF pollution from 11 European countries.


Chères et chers collègues

A l’occasion de la XXXI Journée Mondiale de la Jeunesse (JMJ) 2016 à Cracovie, au sein de la «Coordination européenne des organisations pour une règlementation de l’exposition aux CEM qui protège réellement la sante publique» nous avons élaboré une lettre ouvert au Pape François. Elle invite l’Église catholique et de ses institutions à suivre les mesures prises par certains de leurs congrégations pour protéger la vie de l’exposition aux champs électromagnétiques en phase à la Lettre Encyclique Laudato Si’, en leur proposant d’adhérer au