Mr. Adams has won the counter-opinion:
136 in favor
110 against
19 abstentions

Here are some reactions:

Eileen O´ Connor / RRT:
Devastated by the outcome, but so grateful to all those who fought in the name of freedom and protection for those who are suffering with EHS. Those who voted in favour of Adams/status quo will be haunted by their decisions in the future if they have a conscience.

Isaac Jamieson:
Very sorry to hear of the result.

Very upsetting to hear the news. We are deeply appreciative of all the hard work carried out by so many of you on behalf of EHS sufferers. We also contacted Irish EESC members last week but received no acknowledgments or replies from them.

Colas Diallo / Une terre pour les EHS:
” Nous avons perdu une bataille, mais nous n’avons pas encore perdu la guerre «. Merci à tous pour votre engagement !

Kerstin Stenberg / Priartem:
I’m sad because we did not win this battle. The good news is that the rapporteur Hernandez Bataller has put EHS on the EC agenda and gained 110 members of the EESC for our cause. Many of you have contributed to this result and I thank you all, especially our Spanish friends at Electrosensibles por el Derecho a la Salud. I believe we should work like this more often. Together in a synchronised way.

Henrik Eiriksson / Mast Victims:
If anyone wants to replay the disaster, then Mast-Victims has archived the audio from the meeting here:

(It is the English interpretation channel that is recorded). Big thanks to everyone involved!

Frank Berner / Verein für Elektrosensible und Mobilfunkgeschädigte e.V.:
A close result – but for the first time we all stand together in Europe! We are proud of being surrounded by such wonderful people, who still (…) have the power for a common voice! It will be an excellent basis for further action and at least it is now recorded in the EUthat we are here. Let’s keep in touch! Thank you all a lot for what you did over the weeks!

Francesca Romana Orlando / AMICA:
I think we need to see the positive side of the coin. Actually, 110 members of EESC in favour of EHS is a success. Many EESC members were representatives of the industry. You all did a great job and Spanish friends at Electrosensibles por el Derecho a la Salud were fantastic. Please receive many many thanks from Italy.

I understand especially Eileen O’Connor sadness because many times, also here in Italy, we were going to win a battle and then a person with serious conflict of interest came to destroy the result. This is ordinary in our politics and we should work more to regulate the conflict of interest, especially in Europe and WHO.

Please, let’s work again coordinated like we did this way. If you agree, it would be nice if any of you could send an emails to the others with the name of your organization so we can link the email to the organization. Let’s think of the next battle.

Will the next battle be the support the Bioinitiative and ICEMS call for 0,6 V/m? Will it be the support the petition for the classification of radiofrequency as Probable Cancerogenic by IARC?

Barbara Gałdzińska-Calik / Polen:
Polish members are in shock , we had support from their site ( after our appeal ) They called me and tell me that it’s not the end of the fight!

In Poland, after all, what Mr. Adams did , and after the vote, there are some voices, that it is a shame for the EU! Also, I think WHO should be punished for inaction on the EHS! I do not know how I should inform the Polish doctors who diagnose EHS about result order not to upset them :-( As I read the opinion of Mr. Adams – I cannot believe it’s true. Thank you to everyone, especially those who fought directly in Brussels. I am pleased with our synergistic effect :-)

Beperk de Straling:
THANK YOU everyone, especially Electrosensibles por el Derecho a laSalud, you did an amazing job keeping track of things, and Eileen, and everyone contacting their country representatives. Let’s continue to coordinate our efforts! 110 votes in our favour (136 against), that’s not bad at all.

* As we understand, a new EESC will be composed in October 2015 (new membership). So it would be possible to put this on the table again in the (near) future.

* Eileen, maybe it would still be useful to send your conflict of interest notification to all EESC members? Or at least the president and vice-president. Do you have a list of email addresses? Maybe
everyone could send you the email addresses they gathered for their own country? We need to continue exposing this sorts of conflicts of interests.

* A remark that was made by several EESC members was that the Bataller-report couldn’t give a real estimate of how many people are affected. Here are two prevalence studies (not that recent though) that we can cite in the future: and

Anyone aware of other more or less official or reliable numbers?

* In trying to convince people who do not ‘believe’ in EHS, we think that it is useful to draw their attention to the ‘magnetite hypothesis’, which to our opinion is very obvious and easy to understand for everyone. EHS people could be people who have a more developed sense of ‘magnetoreception’ (or electroreception), just like a lot of animals do (birds, bees, fish, …). It could be that they have
more ‘magnetite’ in their tissue (brain, heart, …), which is extremely conductive. You could say it’s an evolutionary leftover, as we evolved from fish with a very elaborate electroreceptive system. (See short explanation attached).

* We heard Adams saying the SCENIHR will come out with another report next week?! If they will present this in a (semi-)public event, it would be good if some people could be physically present to make some
noise, embarrass the SCENIHR scientists and expose their neverending lies.

* Electrosensibles por el Derecho a la Salud (or anyone else), would it be possible for you to compose an Excel file (directory) with all the names of the EU citizen organizations on this mailing list and
their email addresses, grouped by country? It would be possible to group these contacts in different categories: general EMF groups, electrosensitive groups, individual scientists, journalists, … In that
way would we have a more clear overview and be able to check whether everyone is on the list, so that we are not missing out on some persons/organisations! Because it’s a bit messy now.

Let’s keep in touch!