This important global petition that has already the input of over 32 countries in only three weeks in support of global scientific urgings to WHO/IARC to switch classification of RF/EMF to class 1 for the protection of children especially. It has the full support of Dr. Lennart Hardell. Please share this with your organizations and other EMF Safety Groups worldwide! The goal is to make the signature count reflect the reality of the millions already reporting EHS symptoms.

Can you or anyone you know who has an active Facebook or other social media page (LinkedIn or any other social networking connections) please post the link to the petition to increase its visibility? Also, do you know of any other EMF groups worldwide which this petition can be forwarded to?

Already, in just three weeks, with just a few contacts, over 3,000 signatures have come in from: USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Malaysia, New Zealand, India, Cyprus, Greece, Austria, Israel, Germany, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Croatia, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Jamaica, Brazil, Morocco, Afghanistan, Italy, and even countries as small as Monaco, Réunion, Guadeloupe and more!

Dr. Lennart Hardell supports this petition and has acknowledged that WHO/IARC might acknowledge the scientific findings of this being a class 1 carcinogen if pressure is put on by the public.