I wonder if you could help to inform your networks about this book. The author Nina Witoszek: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nina_Witoszek and https://ninawitoszek.org and her husband Atle Midttun: http://www.atlemidttun.org have become good friends. They are both professors, and they have a big academic network.

Some years ago they helped arrange seminars with Martin Pall here in Oslo. Nina in the University of Oslo, and Atle in the Business school. Very important with the academic referances and invitations to listen to Martin Pall. At a dinner in our home after the seminars, Martin Pall, Olle, Nina, Atle and some others participated. Nina was seated beside Olle, and he told her his story about KI. Nina has interviewed Olle for a long time, and the book is about the EMF story, corruption etc.

The network around Nina and Atle is so important. Because, new people will «dare» to listen to our stories …… because of Nina and Atle. They are now «fighting» with us to get people aware of this issue. Also in the main newspaper here in Norway. They are NOT el-sensitive.

Nina is a professional author, and the book is a very high quality, is it «fun», exciting and interesting. Along the story about the murder in the first chapter .. you get a lot of information about EMF and el-sensitivity (fiction, but some of us recognize …). This first version is in English, but she has already translators ready who WANT to translate to other languages.

We have several books about radiation, but it is difficult to get people who are not into EMF to read them. Tesla’s Curse is different. It is for everybody!

Since this first book is in English, it should be known for english speaking countries/people. EHS – and others. I hope you can buy and read – and help to distribute this information?

Best Regards,

Here she is interviewed by a well-known TV-person in Norway: