IEMFA Board Publications

Two Opposite Science Interpretations on Long-Term Risks

20 January 2013 the International EMF Alliance gave a presentation for the “Workshop on Risk Communication — Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health”. The European Commission invited the International EMF Alliance for the Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF.

IEMFA Presentation: The Two-Perspective Risk-Assessment System in Europe — World Health Change Possibly Linked to Electromagnetic Fields

The presentation gives a clarifying overview of the current system of risk-protection for EMFs in Europe and wider regions in the world. The historically-established system is based on an obsolete ‘Exact-Physics’ paradigm of technology institutions, plus a corresponding science interpretation. Such a paradigm is fundamentally inadequate for the complex dynamic domain of ‘Living organisms’. The established system thus produces misguiding EMF-risk information for worldwide health-protection policies, -regulations, – research and -communications. According to the ‘Complex Biology’ science interpretation of a growing life-science community, heterogeneous EMFs form a highly plausible work- and lifestyle factor of chronic multisystem diseases that increasingly occur worldwide. This threat of structural and serious damage requires an immediate precautionary approach. Implementing the existing guidelines of the Seletun scientists Resolution is highly necessary to avoid further increase of public costs.

IEMFA’s Advice on Wider Risk Assessment EMFs

27 January 2012 the International EMF Alliance gave comments on a number of questions for risk assessment the European Commission had prepared for the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), in order to update its opinion of 2009 on the overall risks of EMFs. As was explicitly mentioned, comments were only to be provided on the relevance and the completeness of the posed questions for risk assessment.

IEMFA’s Call for Transparent, Impartial and Pluralist Expert Assessment on Health Risks of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) – Conference Program – Post Conference Addition

We are writing to express our concerns over the narrow range of speakers and agenda items for the November 16- EU Commission conference on EMF, and over the lack of transparency and pluralism in the evaluation of evidence by SCENIHR and other EU risk assessment committees.

Global Scientists Rebuke Coming Decision on Carcinogenicity of Radiofrequency (RF) and Microwaves (MW) by WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Calling Any Opinion Rendered ‘Irresponsible’ without Full Disclosure of the 2004 Interphone Study Results

In collaboration with the International EMF Alliance (IEMFA), scientists from Europe, North America, Australia and Israel have sent an Open Letter to Dr. Christopher Wild, Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), calling for a postponement of the forthcoming meeting May 24-31, 2011 in Lyon, France, “Non-Ionizing Radiation, Part II: Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field [includes mobile telephones],” at which determination of the carcinogenicity of cell phones and wireless technologies will be made.

Opinion of the International EMF Alliance (IEMFA) on the Need for Independent and Credible Environmental Assessment

IEMFA aims to disseminate coherent information and advice to national and international health authorities and policy-makers on the rapidly growing evidence of actual and potential effects on health and wellbeing by non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). IEMFA also addresses other stakeholders and individuals with an interest in the subject. IEMFA urges governments, health authorities and citizens to take precautionary measures, and proposes a new set of standards. The new guidelines for human exposure to EMF as presented in THE SELETUN RESOLUTION were published in Review of Environmental Health by a consortium of independent international scientists.

IEMFA Statement Stavanger – Urgent Need for a Precautionary Approach

Ongoing developments in biological sciences increase worldwide consensus amongst life scientists that the multitude of cellular changes induced by non-ionizing electromagnetic fields may over longer time accumulate into a range of serious health problems, due to prolonged exposure at levels significantly below the current exposure guidelines. These fast emerging long-term effects form a wide threat for public health.

Protection to Health Risks of EMFs at Work

Contribution of IEMFA to a consultation process amongst social partners of the EC, to ensure protection of workers from long-term health risks related to exposure to EMFs at work. Recommendations for a new directive departing from EC second stage document (2010) 3250 final of May 20th, 2010.

Progressive Stages in Worldwide Knowledge Development Regarding Electromagnetic Fields & Health

With this discussion paper IEMFA aims to enhance progressive stages of knowledge development on EMF. Progressive stages in world-wide knowledge of the last decades bring a developing conception of associated health problems. They form part of an ongoing development towards a state of science which reflects reality.