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2013 — BioInitiave Report 2012

WHAT IT IS: A report by 29 independent scientists and health experts from around the world about possible risks from wireless technologies and electromagnetic fields. It updates the BioInitiative 2007 Report.

WHAT IT COVERS: The science, public health, public policy and global response to the growing health issue of chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation in the daily life of billions of people around the world. Covers brain tumor risks from cell phones, damage to DNA and genes, effects on memory, learning, behavior, attention; sleep disruption and cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Effects on sperm and miscarriage (fertility and reproduction), effects of wireless on the brain development of the fetus and infant, and effects of wireless classrooms on children and adolescents is addressed. Mechanisms for biological action and public health responses in other countries are discussed. Therapeutic use of very low intensity EMF and RFR are addressed.

WHAT IS NEW: This update covers about 1800 new studies reporting bioeffects and adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields (powerlines, electrical wiring, appliances and hand-held devices) – and wireless technologies (cell and cordless phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, wireless laptops, wireless routers, baby monitors, surveillance systems, wireless utility meters (‘smart meters’), etc.

2011 — Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe Resolution
2011 — The Seletun Statement
2010 — The Copenhagen Resolution
2010 — International Appeal of Würzburg
2009 — Porto Alegre Resolution
2009 — European Parliament EMF Resolution
2009 — Dutch Appeal
2009 — London Resolution
2008 — The Case for Precaution in the Use of Cell Phones
2008 — Medical Association holds firm warning against cell phone radiation
2008 — Advice from an International Expert Panel
2008 — The Venice Resolution
2008 — Benevento Resolution update
2007 — BioInitiative Report


The BioInitiative Report is an internationally acclaimed scientific and public health report on potential health risks of electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency/microwave radiation.

In 2007, the BioInitiative Working Group, an international collaboration of prestigious scientists and public health experts from Columbia University and the University at Albany (New York), University of Washington (Seattle), the Karolinska Institute, Umea University and Orebro University Hospital (Sweden), the European Environmental Agency (Denmark) Medical University of Vienna (Austria) and Zhejiang University School of Medicine, (China) released a 650-page report citing more than 2000 studies that document health effects of EMFs from all sources.

The BioInitiative Report was produced for publication to the broadest possible audience, hence placed on the Web. Much of the BioInitiative Report content, including updated chapters and new chapters is now published in the journal Pathophysiology (August 2009).

2006 — Benevento Resolution
2005 — Helsinki Appeal
2002 — The Catania Resolution
2002 — Freiburger Appeal — Doctors — Personalities
2000 — Salzburg Resolution
2000 — Sir William Stewart Chairman IEGMP 2000
1998 — Vienna EMF-Resolution

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